Monday’s Musing – Getting on Schedule

I’ve decided to create a schedule for my blog to prevent myself from turning it into a diary or telling you what color underwear I am wearing.  I do need discipline.

Monday – Random rambles about anything I want.  This is where I will give updates on my current work if I have anything to report.  Otherwise, I will just say what is on my mind.  So much for discipline.

Wednesday – Spotlight on creative minds, cuz it’s not all about me!  And I know some talented people I want to tell you about.  I do have some really amazing friends.  It is one of the best things going for me.

Friday – Fashion Friday, aka art for the bod.

Saturday – Flash fiction, keeping it under 500 words.  Probably not “erotica” because that would be a quickie.  Okay, occasionally erotic, just don’t expect it and you might be pleasantly surprised.


For my first “Monday – Random Ramblings”, I present “awesome gifts for your female writer friends”

10858532_10204792847053799_3888696469505026154_n 10882209_10204689591752481_7880029778864839508_n4fab3e6de2b3689f2ec6be487de884d3

My awesome pun inspiring t-shirt (a gift to myself). Corny puns so far have included; “That shirt is just your type” and “Looks like someone keyed into your passions.”  Keep em’ coming, I do enjoy silly puns.

My new favorite mug (from my very thoughtful friend and graphic artist at – yes, she did my book cover).  There is a website ( where you can get your book cover on a cup or t-shirt.

I didn’t get this necklace, but there is always next year!

And now…just in case you think “schedule” contradicts “creativity” I am sharing this:



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