Spotlight on – Ian Saul Whitcomb

I recently came up with a list of things I was going to do to boost my own creativity, two of which were; “Surround myself with creative people,” and “Read outside of my usual genre.”  Enter Ian Saul Whitcomb, a nice guy with a twisted imagination.  Obviously, I found it necessary to lasso him into my creative circle, which lead me to read his erotic fantasy novel.

Okay, so “Erotica” is not really outside of my usual genre, but fantasy sure is.  Typically I read and attempt to write very believable stories, but Ian has opened my mind to a plethora of possibilities!  Wow, he must be a really nice guy to inspire you to read about aliens and ghosts having sex, right?

Uh…yeah…well…I “found” Ian through one of his stories, “Gloria’s Daughter.”  It is well written, believable, super-sexy, and a bit alarming because of the similar beginning to something I had in the works.  I sought Ian out to receive his good graces and convince him I’m not a copycat.   He assured me we are not the only two people to write about prostitutes developing a relationship with a long term client, but I am pretty sure Ian Saul Whitcomb is the only author to write about hermaphroditic aliens going on an orgiastic rampage to take over the universe.  Or a guy who’s girlfriend gets possessed by a sex-starved ghost?  How would I know?  I’m new to this stuff.  Perhaps these ideas are common in sci-fi-fantasy circles, but I am certain his talent is extraordinary.

I would not have considered reading “Sexpossessed” had I not met and befriended Ian, but boy am I glad I did.  I am kind of in awe of this book, and even more in awe of the fact that I liked it.  You see, I am not attracted to dark, paranormal, ghost stuff whatsoever.  But this book is not dark.  It is a very sweet love story that is unique, sexy, and incredibly fun.  The protagonist is just an average guy who is willing to have his already very sexy girlfriend possessed to spice things up a bit.  And when things go awry, he reluctantly agrees to satisfy the ghost’s ginormous appetite for semen so she can make her way to the next life.  What an altruistic hero!  (Okay, I jest – but not about it being hot.)

Ian has the ability to really let his imagination run wild, something I aspire to.  When I told him I don’t usually read fantasy, he dropped this bomb of profundity on me:

 “My personal take is that all fiction is actually fantasy, with romantic stories in some ways being the most fantastical of them all. No matter how “real” we try to make them, romance stories are ultimately about this mysterious, magical power that’s able to work wonders of every sort imaginable. We certainly want to believe that it’s real, because the alternative is much more depressing than disbelieving in ghosts or wizards. But when we write stories about love, I don’t think most of us sit down to capture it the way that it has worked in our own lives, because that’s rarely as clean or forceful (or entertaining) as the version we make up for stories. So for me it’s not that much of a stretch to go from writing about the magical power of Love to including actual magic and magical, imagined places and beings. The key, I think, is whether the writer can make things feel True. There’s a difference between True and Real, you know? What’s Real is just the result of a bunch of atoms and sub-atomic particles interacting, whereas what’s True is the meaning we find in the patterns that grow out of those interactions. So if you can make the reader feel that something is True, it doesn’t matter whether the setting is Real, and in fact, unreal settings can bring a sense of clarity and focus to Truths by making them seem more universal.”

So there you have it.   A spotlight on a very creative mind and a good man too.  Or perhaps I just get easily turned on by talk of “subatomic particles.”   Oh lordy, I think my glasses are getting steamed up.

You can find Ian’s work at Amazon or check out his blog:



3 thoughts on “Spotlight on – Ian Saul Whitcomb”

  1. Anyone who can write about ghosts and sex in the same book is someone whos books I must at least glance at. Thanks for the referral.


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