Friday Fashion – Vintage

Back in high school, I got a job at “The Melon Patch,” a cool vintage clothing store in Long Beach.  The only problem was the owner didn’t have any money and wanted to pay my wages in clothing. I may have coined the phrase “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” but it was way before cell phones and video cameras were still the size of shoe boxes, so Sweet Brown got the credit.

I could only afford to work in that cramped and musky store for a few days since my car didn’t run on vintage clothing,  but I’ll never forget the “Lucy Ricardo” dress I earned.  I only have a few vintage pieces these days, but I will fix that as soon as about 100 of you buy my book, Subway Girl. Help a girl out.  Mama’ needs new shoes.  And a dress would be nice too.  Maybe some boots?  A girl can dream.

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1 thought on “Friday Fashion – Vintage”

  1. You have always had great style, Donna! My mother and I are looking forward to reading your book and I look forward to seeing you in your new get-ups and kicks!


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