Spotlight – Rachel Wright

  336865_235919113165317_661427849_o Rachel Wright Photography

Downtown Long Beach, where 4th street meets Junipero, there is an area known as “Retro Row”.  The businesses include vintage clothing stores, a coffee shop, and a unique gift shop called “Siren”.  The gift shop is known as a unique place to find gifts for those with unconventional tastes and an offbeat sense of humor.  Rachel Wright owned that store, and as she boxed up the merchandise to close the doors for the last time, she discovered an old film camera in one of the boxes.  It was a life changing moment when she decided to enroll in a photography class and obtain the skills needed to bring the art in her mind out for the rest of the world to see.

Rachel’s love of art, fashion, dance, Hollywood, and all things vintage has led her to create a stunning body of work.  Her main focus is on high fashion and fine art photography, but she also uses mixed media where she combines different layers of images to create surreal worlds.
unnamed (8)

Currently, Rachel is working on an ongoing series called “Hollywoodland”, showcasing her fascination for old Hollywood with a twist of the macabre.  She recreates the deaths of starlets but in a classic and glamourous manner, creating a biography in a photograph by combining the beauty of their heyday along with their tragic ending.  So far, Rachel has recreated the deaths of Peg Entwistle, Inger Stevens and the notorious Black Dahlia.


Another current project “Electric Erotique”  reflects Rachel’s interest in architecture and geometric lines, using the human body to create specific shapes.  This series was inspired by photographers Guy Bourdin, Helmut Newton and Man Ray.


Rachel’s next scheduled exhibition will be held at The Phantom Gallery located in Hawthorne, California in November, featuring belly dance portraits and stage shots of some of the most prolific dancers in the field.  You can expect Hafla ambience with live belly dancers and drummers for an interactive exotic experience.



To see more examples of Rachel Wright Photography, visit

meRachel Wright


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