Monday Musing – Book Signing

My first book signing is now under my belt and it went better than expected.  Part of the success was due to my undeniable talent, not as a writer, but as a friend picker.  I recruited Thomas of “Sea Beating” to play music so the focus would not be all on me, and he put together a set geared toward the coffee shop atmosphere and the theme “Love and Redemption.”  He used his charisma to plug the book a few times and I think he actually made me blush!  (Not that easy to do, for those who don’t know me.)

I asked the dashingly handsome Aaron to do the reading, since “Subway Girl” is written in the first person from a male point of view.  He did an amazing job as the voice of “Ray Kelly”.  For those who don’t know Aaron, he is a writer and a very good friend with his own blog (check out transistor sister).

My ole’ pal Annie showed up and was a great sport when I sprung the news on her that she would do a little Q and A with me at the end.  I used to teach with Annie and we were in a book club together, so we have spent a lot of time in the past discussing books.  I don’t think either of us would have predicted we would be talking about my book one day!

To me, the warmest moment was when my son (who is very much like a little adult) showed up after his football game and sat front and center.  After the Q and A, he raised his hand to ask a relevant question, “How did you get the idea for Flower Girl?”  Later that night he told me, “I really enjoyed your book signing.  Will you do it again for Flower Girl?”

I hope we do it again.  It was an enjoyable evening with a mixed crowd of lovers of music, coffee, and books – my kind of people.  “Flower Girl” is in editing and “Sea Beating” is recording, so who knows.  Maybe we will have a package deal, CDs and books?

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