Spotlight On – Possessed by Paul James

Insomnia.  I hate it.  During one particularly awful bout, I was perusing Facebook at 4:00 a.m and came across a link posted by a friend with the title “There Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely”.  Did he post this for me?  I clicked the link and my mind was blown.

I should probably mention my unconventional and eclectic music taste. I am heavily influenced by having spent my youth in the punk rock scene, but in the past few years I have developed an affinity for blue grass.   Imagine my surprise to discover a musician playing my favorite instruments, writing poignant lyrics, and being rowdy enough to appeal to my inner-punk-rocker. “Possessed by Paul James” is actually a one man band and a teacher (insert kindred spirit) hailing from Austin.  His real name is Konrad Wertz and his performance name is a hybrid of his father and grandfather.  Take a look and listen to my first impression of this talented man:


And so there you have it.  I was instantly in love with the soul that created this art specifically for me.  Well, PPJ might argue that he hadn’t met me yet, but…

I immediately messaged my friend Davey and said “Whaaaatttt the Hell?  Where did you find this?”  He told me the story of recently seeing PPJ live and then sent me this link:



I love these two songs because they show the diversity and range of PPJ.

I immediately bought two CD’s and looked for his concert schedule.  PPJ plays in Texas often, but I was lucky enough to see him in Long Beach last summer.  I was astounded that it was such a small show.  My friend Erin and I literally pulled up a bale of hay and sat about five feet from PPJ and listened to him play and sing as the sun went down.  It was one of the best days of 2014 for me.

We met him afterwards and he was as nice and authentic as could be.  My friend took this lousy cell phone pic (I guess he was as giddy as I was, high on the music.)


He was a genuinely nice guy who spoke to the audience like a room full of friends.  I am a huge fan and if you can ever see him live, you will not be disappointed!  He is in Minneapolis next week, Dallas in early March, Norway and Sweden this summer.  Of course if you live in the Hill Country of Texas, there are plenty of opportunities to see Possessed by Paul James.  I really hope you do!



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