Monday Musing – Being a Writer

“How long have you been writing?”  or “When did you know you wanted to be a writer?”

I hate those two questions, only because I don’t have a distinct answer.  I’m usually very linear with goals, but writing has been a hobby full of starts and stops.  I took a creative writing class when I was pregnant, but any mother knows your focus changes once a baby arrives.  That was ten years ago, and I gave birth to a very creative little story teller. Maybe he was listening in the womb?

Yesterday I was looking for a drawing I did back in high school, when I came across a bunch of my school papers saved in a box.  “Look,”  I told my son who was sitting on the bed, “a story I wrote when I was your age.”  He asked me to read it to him.

Just like my style today, the amount of autobiography that seeped in is unnerving.  The protagonist is a little witch with 21 siblings. She rides around on a vacuum cleaner because her parents resorted to giving out mops and vacuums after they ran out of brooms.

Felina the witch wants to be an artist, but her family told her she could not become an artist, so she flew away from home, heading North East to Paris and Rome.  While flying over the Atlantic Ocean she started to have very practical worries; What if her family came looking for her?  What if she fell asleep on her vacuum?  What if she had to pee? What if the Parisians did not like her paintings?  One of her worries did surface and she felt the urge to relieve herself, but she realized the vacuum had two settings.  If she switched it to high, she could get there in half the time.

Both the author and the witch are artistic and adventurous.  Both are problem solving worry-warts who love maps.  Both wanted to escape the limiting mindsets of their families.  And both, in fact, did just that.

I’d love to tell you how the story ends, but for some reason my mom only saved three of the four pages and I don’t remember.  I realized I was glad not to have the fourth page. It gives me an opportunity to think about how I want Felina’s life to go.  After all, it is my story to write and I have a blank page in front of me.

IMG_1891 (2)


Poetry – “Time to Wake Up”

You wake under the weight of me, feel my hands on your face, and a shower of kisses raining down on you.

“What brought this on?”

I look at you in surprise.  “Don’t you know what day it is?”

You pause.  It is a dangerous question from a woman.  Your mind races; Birthday?  Anniversary? Special plans?…nothing.

“Today is the day I love you most.”

Again you pause, not sure if this a good thing.

“Until tomorrow, since I love you more each day.”


Fashion Friday – Retro Swimsuits

Spring is here and I would like to share some of the fabulous vintage swimsuit photos I have been saving.  Fortunately, there are many new but retro-style swimsuits in stores, so we don’t have to wear those old fashioned fabrics that are uncomfortable!  Apparently I’m not the only one who loves the style of 1950’s swimsuits.  Too bad no one made a reproduction of the ruffle-butt suit. I would wear that for sure.  And the correct answer to “Does this make my butt look big?”  Is an enthusiastic “Hell yes!”

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Monday’s Musing – Don’t Screw With Me

He lays a pile of hardware on my desk, and looks at me, inquisitively.

It’s a test.  A pop quiz.

“Phillips flathead, Phillips panhead, this one is a lug bolt, not a screw,” I answer.  “And these are what you call ‘sheet metal’ screws because of the sharp tip, but they call them something else at the hardware store.”

He raises an eyebrow in surprise, “I’m impressed.”

I sigh.  I am so unimpressed that I consider this exchange unworthy of a pun.

I go back to paying bills.