My Hope For You

All I want for you, is everything.

I want you to shed the expectations of everyone who has a role for you, and be who you are. I hope you have a few close friends who can appreciate the beauty of evolution, but if you don’t, I hope you are in awe of your own progression.

I want you to experience passionate kisses, gentle caresses, and desire that blurs your vision. I want you to be startled by your own euphoria, then lulled by contentedness.

I want you to feel heartache at a depth that can only be felt by one who loves completely, and experiences the pain of disappointment.

I hope you feel warm sun on your skin, a breeze under your skirt, and a ladybug crawling on your arm. I hope mud squishes between your toes, and that you appreciate the simplicity of clean running water.

I hope you are humbled by the intricate beauty found in the center of a flower, and are awed by the night sky. I hope you never lose your desire to learn. I hope you keep an open mind and allow your ideas to change.

I really hope you experience the gaze of a nursing baby that needs you the way no one else ever will. I hope you get to experience the fiercely protective love that makes you feel like a wild animal, and the relief that comes when a fever breaks.

I want you to feel sore muscles, the kind that come from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and experiencing a new level of strength. I want you to rest and feel your limitations too.

I want you to live your life and let other people live their own. I want you to experience the gift of truly helping someone, and the frustration of knowing you can’t.

I want you to surprise yourself with kindness, bravery, and honesty. With yourself. I hope you love yourself, shamelessly. I hope you have a relationship with yourself that can be the model of how you treat others.

All I want for you is everything. Everything life has to give, and nothing less.



6 thoughts on “My Hope For You”

  1. Beautiful words to impart to a child, or anyone you love…

    Bill Maher quoted a NY columnist last night (Charles Blow) that seems appropo here, “No one has the right to define or restrict the parameters of another person’s attractions, loves, or intimacy. People must be allowed to be themselves, however they define themselves, and they owe the world no explanation…”


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