Wrestling St. Francis

This one is for the artists, musicians, and writers who have felt the kind of loneliness conveyed in this video, as well as the connection made by one listener:

Jake Bugg Broken

I related to this video on many levels. In fact, I was watching it during a  class I teach (a small class of four adults) and joked with a student sitting near me that this is how it feels to be a teacher; I pour my soul out, hoping at least one person is listening. I said it in a pretty funny way and we both laughed, but the loneliness is real.

There is a prayer by St. Francis of Assisi prayer that says “Better to be understanding than be understood.” I am not a saint. I strive to be understanding, but my desire to be understood pushes me to create and share, in hopes that someone will get me. And I do this unapologetically. It is what artists do, not saints.


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