Spotlight on – Andrea Patrie

It’s not just eye candy for artist Andrea Patrie.  She doesn’t create pretty paintings to decorate your wall and coordinate your furnishing.  Andrea goes for the emotional jugular.  Check out this artist in action:


Ah, the intensity, the focus, the passion!  Wonder what she is listening to in that photo?  “Nasty-crude hip hop, my dirty little secret.”  Music as well as cleaning her brushes and pallet are part of the ritual that puts Andrea in the right mindset; where the outside world falls away and it is just her and the canvas.

The outside world includes kids, school, and recently a job as a waitress.  Andrea used to be a special-ed teacher, but was laid off in 2013.  The sensible thing would have been to find another teaching job.  The world is chock-full of sensible folks, then there are people like Andrea who want their eulogy to read “Went for it.”

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When a human being feels a drive to create that is too intense to ignore, less passionate people shake their heads in wonderment.  Those who understand know you can’t put a cap on that volcano.  Sometimes creativity finds a little vent to flow out from, but I believe Andrea was on the verge of an eruption.  That pink slip may have been the greatest gift she ever received.  In her own words:

To embrace the unfamiliar and go to that place where work flows and thoughts are non-existent is what drives me to create.  For me, this is a place where there is no judgement, where the mind is not in charge, where my intuition takes over and the body overrides the mind.  I feel my subject matter and the way in which I manipulate my preferred medium, luscious paint, has a definitive style and is charged with a kind of “hysterical” energy bringing cohesiveness to chaos. My work is very much about the physical process that encompasses making something tangible.  Regardless of the medium or the size of the piece, my work is centered in the body.  It is psychologically charged, introspective, and in the end insightful, as I typically come away from each piece with a little more clarity about the subject I was drawn to.


Andrea currently attends CSUF where she is working on an MFA in fine art, but not for another degree that might lead to job marketability.  Andrea is feeding the fire.  A recent addition to her skill set resulted from a class in Plein Air, (painting outdoors in the air). There is a fresh element to her repertoire as she captures beautiful California landscapes with her unique Andrea-perspective.


Recently Andrea told me about a quote, the gist was evolving to a place as an artist where words are no longer necessary, where we communicate through art.  I’d like to visit her Utopia, but I can’t stay indefinitely.  I am a word-junky, I’d have to run out and tell everyone “You should see this amazing stuff Andrea is doing!”  Like I just did.

To see more of Andrea’s work, visit