Enough, I say

Please go away

I love you so

But what a price I pay


I can not endure

another word

give me the sound

Of a chirping bird

Or the wind in the trees

the waters that flow

The sound of a bee

humming so low


I can not hear

Through all this chatter and fuss

It clutters my mind

And makes me cuss




I love you so much

When you are gone you are dear

But I love myself too

And my own voice is clear


I’m checking out now

I’m going to unplug

I’ll see you tomorrow

And I’ll give you a hug

I’ll tell you a story

I’ll listen up too

Because I love too much

It’s just what I do








On My Mind

Random thoughts on an important Saturday, and a poem I didn’t write or remember saving. Finding it felt like finding a twenty dollar bill in the dryer. I did paint the flower bird and bake the cupcakes, though. 

If I showed you my teardrops,

Would you collect them like rain,

Save them in jars,

That are labelled with “Pain”.

Would you follow their tracks,

From my eyes down my cheeks,

As they write all the stories,

I’m too scarred to speak,

Would you stop them with kisses,

Bring their flow to a halt,

As you teach me that pain,

Isn’t always my fault,

Would you hold my face gently,

As you dry both my eyes,

And whisper the words,

“You’re too precious to cry”,

If I showed you my teardrops,

Would you show me your own,

And learn though we’re lonely,

We’re never alone.



Monday’s Musing – Don’t Screw With Me

He lays a pile of hardware on my desk, and looks at me, inquisitively.

It’s a test.  A pop quiz.

“Phillips flathead, Phillips panhead, this one is a lug bolt, not a screw,” I answer.  “And these are what you call ‘sheet metal’ screws because of the sharp tip, but they call them something else at the hardware store.”

He raises an eyebrow in surprise, “I’m impressed.”

I sigh.  I am so unimpressed that I consider this exchange unworthy of a pun.

I go back to paying bills.